Print on Print

Aside from the colourful solids that make up my wardrobe, the other percentage of pieces that make up my style consist of prints. Ever since I started taking fashion and my personal style more seriously the use of prints in fashion has always struck in interest in me. This interest grew from the versatility of prints,  and how a print can add a subtle compliment to your daily look or become the eye catching piece of your days outfit.

 In todays look I use prints and patterns in my favourite way, mixing them. Now I know pattern mixing can be a difficult thing and trust me that comes from many trial and errors that never left the vicinity of my closet, but from these trial and errors I've created 2 rules to pattern mixing. 

1) Your prints should always compliment each other, not clash with one another. 

For this look I styled my palm leaf navy bomber from Ted Baker London and my similar print trousers from Club Monaco to show off all the leaf print I have to offer. Though these prints are different colour and sizes the navy in the bomber and the maroon from the pants create a fashion match made in heaven which allows the prints to sit next to each other without one overpowering the other. 

2) There should always be a solid piece to break up your prints. 

The solid I chose in this look is my green long sleeve polo from American Apparel which allows me to break up my prints and still add a personal touch of my own style by incorporating another contrasting colour to colour block the two prints. If colour blocking isn't your thing a plain white or navy polo could also be subbed in to balance out your busy prints of the day. 

Now I do understand that loud and aggressive prints may not be everyone's cup of tea but remember patterns and prints are part of what made fashion such an iconic part of our lives and so I challenge those with even the most monochrome of styles to find the print that's right for them !


The Debonair Dude 

Photos by: Pamela Carriere 

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