Colourful and Playful

For those who don't know myself or my personal style, no need to worry cause thats what this post is all about. To me style is something that is a direct expression of ones self and to me that is done best through the use of colour and playful patterns. 

Let's be real no one likes boring style and so through colour and patterns I try to draw on playful energy in my day to day looks whether they be casual or formal. Bringing together the unique and playful pieces in my wardrobe to put together the perfect comfortable autumn look, thats what this look is inspired by. . 

The coat is one of my personal favourite autumn/winter staple pieces from Oak+Fort. The high neck and unstructured fit allows me to dress it up or down and I even added a personal touch by changing the original buttons and sewing on these vintage military style buttons on. The sweater is another one of my cold weather favourites from JCrew. The second I saw the colour I knew it had to be in my closet and is perfect as your top layer of your outfit. For example just  like I did here over my white shirt from Armani Exchange. A bright colour sweater like this is also the perfect layering piece under blazers. 

Now I understand this bag may not be everyones cup of tea but the second I saw it it screamed  Yves Saint Laurent to me, and no not the beautifully crafted leathers you can find on 5th Avenue, but something Saint Laurent would wear himself. The man was a style icon like no other that displayed his edge and originality in everything he wore from ascots to chain-mail. I snagged this bad boy at a silent auction and take huge joy in knowing I outbid someone for it. The bag itself is made of recycled pop can tabs hand woven in Brazil and completely reminds me of the chain mail worn by Saint Laurent himself. Its make, colour and originality made me go absolutely bonkers for it and with my fur ball from Ted Baker London it makes the perfect touch to this outfit. 

Now I've never been the craziest fan of Vans, frankly I've maybe owned one pair before these bad boys but the second I saw these colourful sneakers it was like a match made in heaven. The shoes are part of the DisneyxVans collaboration. The burst of primary colours and the incorporation of Disney's most iconic characters make the shoes the perfect playful addition to this look, and any outfit for that matter ! 

To give the outfit the cozy and comfortable autumn feeling I paired the bright colours of the sneakers and sweater with favourite navy joggers from Ted Baker London. Lets all be honest on your days off no one wants to dress anything but comfortable, and this outfit does exactly that while staying true to what my personal style is all about. 


The Debonair Dude

Photos by: Isaiah Springer 

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