Cord Up

As the October breeze drastically changes the weather here in Toronto, us city dwellers are forced to dig deep into our wardrobes and layer up with our favourite fall pieces that keep us warm and stylish.  For myself Autumn isn't always about the number of layers you have, but making sure the layers you do have on to keep myself warm enough for whatever the day throws at me. With that being said my go to Autumn pieces that never seem to leave a boy disappointed is my burgundy Corduroy suit. Now this two-piece doesn't look like your typical blazer and dress pants but with a two-piece this untraditional, the ability dress down and make this suit casual is just as practical way wearing it with your favourite oxford and leather brogues. 

The preparation of Corduroy, dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and throughout the course of history, textile trades landed among  the european royalty. Corduroy was a gem in the eyes of  the royals due to it's warmth, durability and texture. 

In the times of today, corduroy has seen it's rise and fall of popularity.  For myself the velvety fabric is an autumn must have if your wardrobe likes to combine style and comfort. The thicker velvety cotton that repels the wind and keeps the body heat in never seem to leave me disappointed, as the cold months role in. Aside from comfortable textile lovers like myself, the fabric is a favourite among those who favour the outdoors in essense to the materials ability to dry quickly and to not tear easily. Which is why my cords are always the first thing I grab from my closet on a wet day I'll be spending outside.

To really highlight the beginning of the fall season and the burst of autumnal tones surrounding us, I spent the day at Edwards Toronto Botanical Gardens. From my early childhood to now, the gardens have always  been a place of comfort and beauty for myself, which is why I visioned it to be the perfect setting to highlight this corduroy look.  

Now I refer to this two piece burgundy attire as a "Suit" even though they are two separate entities,  I managed to match right down to the exact shade of burgundy. The jacket I scored at  American Apparel market sale a few seasons ago when a flea market shop opened in Toronto for one summer. The pants I found four autumns ago at Zara Man, which have never given up on me to this day. Now to add to the corduroy look and the consistency of textures; ( mostly to keep myself warm all day) I paired the suit with my Corduroy navy shirt from Ted Baker London. The wood buttons and small print were the ideal pairing for the aesthetic of this cord look. Playing with the theme of comfort and texture the cord layers act as a perfect backdrop to this teal knit tie, also from Ted Baker London. With the tones of fall in full effect, I felt it was necessary to keep my outfit consistent with some of the seasons best fashion tones. 


This summer I made the desired choice of purchasing a pair of suede chocolate brown chelsea boots. These bad boys are from Ted Baker London and have been patiently waiting in my closet for the fall breeze to role in and be worn on the perfectly autumnal day. The shape, colour, fabric and fit make these boots the most snazzy addition to any wardrobe. It is perfect for dressing up or dressing down any outfit. Plus it never  hurts to have a little touch of Kanye in your closet and adding a tone of badass to your autumn looks. If you don't have a staple pair of chelsea's in your wardrobe, I highly recommend it. 

Now, it wouldn't be a complete look without the accessories. To finish off today's look and keeping the theme of the adventures outdoor explorer throughout my outfit, I paired my favourite colour of block knapsack with today's attire. I hit the jackpot to this piece on my trip to Istanbul this past summer at the Grand Bazaar, after a series of back and forth bargaining with the shop owner.

The furry friend attached to the bag is a rendition from Fendi's furry bag charm trend. If you're not looking to spend $900 on a furry friend that you have been dying to get, there is no need to fret because other designers have started to make the trend on their own. This furry guy is also sold at Ted Baker London, priced at $75 and it won't break the bank like his Fendi cousins would. 

The case I have on my iPhone 6+ was the perfect compliment to my furry friend and believe it or not I snagged it from the Apple Store.  The small gold detailing is the perfect elegant tone that can go with everything  and as you all know, most of us spend our lives on our phones whether it's to play or  to work. On the plus side to being stylish, it protects your phone whether you are spending the day out and about or lounging with friends. So the next time, you think about the kiosk booth at the mall for you phone case needs, I recommend stopping by the Apple Store first. 

I also wish all my readers in Canada the Happiest of Thanksgivings, I hope your days are full of joy and light. Happy feasting and drinking y'all ! 


The Debonair Dude

Photos by: Pamela Carriere

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