Coming from Toronto, this time of year brings the trouble of transitioning between summer gear and fall layers to a whole new level because of the weather being so inconsistent. In this post I'm showing you  my TRANSITION look, and tips to take the fear out of your morning tug-of-war between your wardrobe and the weather. 

In Canada suede has a very short window of opportunity to shine between the spring showers and winter snow so use this time of year to really make your suede shoes a shining star of your outfit. 

Its finally cool enough outside to pack up those shorts and bring out your favourite pair of lightweight chinos. I opted for this lightweight purple pair from Ted Baker London, but don't ever hesitate to make your classic go to khaki's you best friend during transition season. 

For my top half, I kept it classic with a white oxford to balance out the bright colour of my lightweight breathable sweater and added some autumn flair with this multicolour Prince of Whales plaid blazer also from Ted Baker London. Always remember when your layering up, especially if it hasn't reached those subzero temperatures to keep your layers lightweight and breathable or else your going to be walking around like a walking sauna and no one wants that for themselves. 

Lets not forget about the accessories ! Here I went with a classic chocolate brown double zip briefcase for everything I would need for the day from my laptop to my textbooks it has room for it all. Also with a classic colour like chocolate brown, a staple piece like this is going to be the right amount of trend you need going into the cooler autumn months as well.  

For all you debonair dudes, remember this season of transition is about keeping it lightweight and dapper without feeling like your boiling from the inside out so please, keep your heavy wools until that arsenal is ready for the forefront. 


The Debonair Dude

Photos by: Pamela Carriere

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