Fusing Tradition and Style with Soukh

For this of you who don't know I had the pleasure of venturing to Madrid, Spain just a few weeks ago as part of my international abroad studies with Elle Magazine and MIT, but since coming back all I have been able to think about is the culture of Spain that is so different than any other country I've visited in Europe before. The heritage, the food and most importantly the fashion was so incredibly unique and was the perfect harmony of traditional Latin American and European fusion. So upon returning back home to Toronto I was yearning for a way to inject a little more of that artisanal flare that is so prominent not only in Spanish fashion but the architecture and culture that flooded the streets of Madrid into my wardrobe and that's when I discovered the incredible line of handmade bags from Soukh

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Though they may not come from Spanish decent this Canadian brand infuses the heritage of designer and founder's Gargi's Indian, Middle Eastern and Canadian roots to bring together the artisanal craft of traditional tiling that can be found in places like the calles of Spain to the bazzars of Turkey and all the way down to the souks of India which is where this brand acquired its name! If you have had the pleasure of traveling to any of these countries or all the wonderful places in between and ventured into local markets you know that tiling, fabric weaving and stone setting are all parts of the tradition in the way products such as bags and jewelry are manufactured and staying true to that traditional heritage of craftsmanship is what Soukh is all about. 

Every single  bag from Soukh is not only handmade but also individually tiled and cast so no two bags, even if they are the same style will ever be exactly the same. This process is done by traditional tile setters across the globe that still practise the traditional setting and tiling that is derived from these international marketplaces and by fusing this craftsmanship with the style and colours of todays trends Soukh is able to deliver a truly one of a kind line of bags that are perfect for any fashion lover with an eye for tradition, impeccable craftsmanship and love stands out amongst the crowd. 

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That being said and me being the type of man that loves a carrying bags and breaking the norm when it comes to men wearing bags especially ones as flashy as these I have teamed up with the amazing team at Soukh to offer any of my fashion loving followers the chance to get your hands on your own handmade and one of kind Soukh bag for 15% off! Whether it be one of the minis like the one I'm sporting here in this post or a large size for a full day on the town all you have to do is enter the code DEBONAIR15 at checkout and it's as simple as that! 

Thank you guys so much for following along on my international adventures so far and I hope you keep following because there is only a few more short weeks until I take off to Paris for the very first time! 

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Photos by: Janine Maral



Tiled Mini Bag - Soukh

Overcoat - Ted Baker (Similar style here)

V-neck T-shirt - H&M

Patchwork Jeans - Simons (Similar style here)

Belt - Vintage (Similar style here)

Sneakers - Adidas