5 Female Marketed Products That Any Man Can Use

As a man I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I've picked something up in a store just to quickly put it down because it was an item that was marketed to women. You name it, shampoos, hair products, grooming products, clothes, accessories and skincare just to name a few are facets of life that are typically female dominated in terms of products and after countlessly searching long and hard for alternatives in the male side of these products I typically came up empty handed. Well if you can't beat 'em  join 'em! 

Todays post is all about some of my favourite "female" products that have made their way into my regular male routine that I absolutely love and wanted to share for all my gay, straight or metrosexual men out there. 

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Many men don't admit to the fact that their eyes have been exposed to some under eye damage over the years but sometimes male oriented formulas don't have the needed amount of active ingredients and essential oils infused into the formula to repair the under eyes the way they need to. Well with the Age Control Supreme from Lise Watier your eyes will finally get the right amount of nourishment and repair they need thanks to this amazing light weight easy to apply eye cream that is packed with 81% of active ingredients to combat dark circles and puffiness. 

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The winter time here in Canada is never a friendly time for male skin. Our skin starts to feel dry and flaky sometimes to the point where even motioning our bodies doesn't seem to do the trick. After many years of trial and error for combating the winter skin blues I finally tried dry brushing thanks to my friends at Saje. What is dry brushing you may ask? Well its an ancient spa practise which works to stimulate the external skin cells before bathing. By brushing upwards towards the heart the dry brush works to remove dull and dry skin and accelerates the body's skin revitalization process to expose softer and smoother skin. I even go the extra mile and finish off with a little bit of Cellutone Massge Oil to give my skin an even silkier finish!


Just like eye care a lot of men don't realize the importance of a good skin routine besides just moisturizing. For starters a good toner spray is a small step in making a big difference in our skin especially in the colder seasons of the year. After trying my fair share of male oriented toners and primer sprays before mouisterising I found my skin was left a little too shiny and oily throughout the day. Funny enough I actually discovered this Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Spray by accidentally buying the wrong product for my sister during the holidays last year which she ended up falling in love with. After hearing how much she loved it and how much less oily it left her skin I decided to give it a try in my skin routine. After just a few weeks I found my skin to be softer, less heavy and most importantly much less oily after switching to the Rosewater Balancing Spray. Plus with a white matte bottle and extremely light scent to it doesn't look or smell too far off from a male oriented product! 


Ok I think we've gotten to the conclusion that male marketed and oriented products can be a little on the harsher side especially when it comes to haircare. A lot of that has to do with the fact  that a ton of men's products are packed with strong perfumes and harsh scents to give a "masculine" scent but what a lot of men don't know is that those harsh chemicals and scents are sometime the cause of the problems in the first place. These scents and colognes are so strong sometimes that they strip the scalp completely of the natural oils that our hair and scalps need to avoid flaking and making our hair feel dull and thin.

I can admit that over the years haircare is the area where I've had the most trial and error. Because I have a dryer scalp I need a product that not only helps to replenish my hair's natural oils but is also strong enough to wash away any product that may still be in my hair without damaging it and thanks to the Caviar Moisture shampoo and conditioner duo from Alterna Haircare I have finally hit the jackpot. After I shower my hair not only feels lighter and easier to style but also fresh and replenished as opposed to dry and brittle. So for all you men out there who have faced the same problems I have over the years when it comes to finding the right shampoo or conditioner you may just have to start looking in the female haircare section 😉

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For those of you who are blessed or cursed with having thick frizzy hair like I do thanks to my Armenia roots (shoutout mom and dad) you can understand the struggle of finding ways to maintain your thick mane of hair and making it easy to style. Well after this bottle of Kendi Pure Treatment Oil for ultimate frizz control entered my life my hair maintenance became a lot less of a problem. I find it to be the perfect treatment for the days where I don't feel like styling my hair with styling products, for the days I want to wear a hat (because there is nothing worse styling your hair with product only to have it ruined my your hat) or just want my hair to take a break. This treatment works really well to soften and maintain the thickness of hair and leave it feeling soft enough to run my fingers through. After using the product or over a month now with just a few drops once a week I can honestly say my hair has never felt so easy to work with ever in my life! 

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read about some of the products that have made their way into my regular daily or weekly routines and that I love to use. I know sometimes its a little weird or difficult to try a new product you don't know much about especially when it comes from a female marketed department or beauty counter but hey, were all made different and sometimes need products that may not be oriented or marketed to us but do the trick just fine if not better than what were accustomed to using as men. I hope you enjoyed the post and hope that you get the chance to try and hopefully love all these products as much as I do!