I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.
— Alexander McQueen

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada with an Armenian background the concepts of style and personal presentation were always part of my upbringing. Though it wasn't until my passion for fashion sparked that these ideas of presentation and style came to prominent parts of my life and who I am today.  

Fashion and style  is not what I do it's who I am.  Thought I've only been working in the industry for five years ranging in different jobs from retail to merchandising all the way to styling and personal shopping, the way I feel about the fashion industry goes far beyond a mere passion for fashion. I hope by reading you I can instil some of what actively working in the fashion has taught me and an individual, a creative and of course a lover of fashion and style.

Though style and fashion may be my main creative avenue and what I mainly share on my blog, over the years I've fallen into developing and creating content on both the lifestyle as well as travel side of things and hope to share that side of my creative spirit with all of you!

If you've made it this far I can only assume that you are liking what you see and I thank you so much for joining in on my unique take on fashion and style and I hope you enjoy the ride. 

- Aram