To be DEBONAIR is to be a gentleman that exerts confidence, charm, and style. That's what this blog is all about. The style, fashion, and the bringing together of all debonair gents. 

My name is Aram Eginliyan and I am The Debonair Dude. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada with an Armenian background the concepts of style and personal presentation were always part of my upbringing. Though it wasn't until my passion for fashion sparked that these ideas of presentation and style came to prominent parts of my life and who I am today. 

Style, fashion, and being original in the way I dress are part of who I am, and this blog is the extension and expression of myself and personal style. This page is a way of showing the world what I have to offer to the ever changing world that is menswear, and hope to grow and develop the best content I can for all my readers. 

Thanks !